A Purpose Orientated Game of Designing a Modern City for Children

Little Big City 2, video game is a smart mix of entertainment and business.

Publisher: Gameloft

Platform: Android

The entrainment part of Little Big City 2 video game,  is when the player engages in building the city/ metropolis; which facilitate planning skill, this city building model is realistic in its concept; the player gets acquainted with the design or knowledge of city planning.

This 3D game is easy to play, the player has to simply follow the instructions in the game, or tap on the bright icons.

Little Big City 2 is a video game for children above 9 years of age, who are fascinated by the concept of city building; in the process of playing this game the player learns about the many aspects necessary for the  functioning of a city. Little Big City 2 cannot not be termed as an addictive game, but it does consume a lot of time once the player gets engrossed in the game hence a daily time limit should be set by the children, if the child is interested in understanding the many different factors responsible for building and maintaining a modern-day city.    

The business part by the developer of Little Big City 2 is easily incorporated in the game, this game requires the player to watch videos of advertisements to earn cash or diamonds or get other necessities required by the player in order to build and maintain the city, or the player can opt for in-app purchases to get diamonds required in order to proceed ahead in this game.

Playing Little Big City 2 is a cognitive activity which encourages planning and management skills.

A Purpose Orientated Game of Designing a Metropolis for Children – Learning App Review in mirandavoice.com

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