Create and play with different slimes on your mobile device

Slime is a non-toxic viscous, squishy and oozy green or other color material made primarily from guar gum, a toy product which can be stretched, squished, popped or kneaded; playing with slime is a relaxing and calming activity especially for kids, it stimulates kids sense of touch. Super Slime Simulator is an app to create and play with different slimes on a mobile device, it is a cognitive activity for kids to promote independence, a suitable mobile phone application for children in the age-group of 5 to 12 years.

Super Slime Simulator

Developer: Dramaton

Platform: Android

Super Slime Simulator is a magnificent application, the user of the app can create different slimes such as classic, clear, chunky, fluffy, milky, thicc, metallic, pearl etc. by just touching the cursor and following the instructions, for different forms of slimes the set of instructions are also different  i.e. the method of making them, the user has to tap or move their finger on the screen of the mobile phone to complete the procedure, the user can also opt to play with the slime by moving their fingers on the mobile device.

In this slime simulator, the user can  opt to add colour of their choice to their creation of slime, add decorations to it such as glitter, gems etc. – there are several options under each category of decoration as well. The user of super slime simulator can give their individualistic title to the slime created.

The sound effect of Super Slime Simulator is interestingly realistic and varies according to the type of slime. In Super Slime Simulator, points are earned when the user creates slimes and plays with slime; the points earned can be redeemed for obtaining different slime types, decorations and slime colours – the points are redeemed when the user taps on the envelop icon.

Super Slime Simulator has 3 main icons: Home, Create and Game

  • The home section is subdivided into 4 segments.

My Slimes – A storage segment for all the slimes the user has created, the user can tap on the image to play with the slime; the user can also gift the slime by selecting the gift option on the screen – in which the user can select the colour of the gift box and the colour of the decorative ribbon, then opt to share the slime through social media apps like Instagram,  Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook etc.

Album – The user can view all the options of the slime types, decorations and colours available for his/her use.

Lu-Lu’s Slimes and Gallery  –  In these two segments, there are several slime types the user can opt to play with.

  • The game section is also subdivided into four segments.

Guessing Game – From two colour options, the user has to guess the right colour of the slime.

Lu-Lu’s Slime Quest – The user has to match to make the exact slime.

Slime My Image – The user can select any image from the phone’s gallery to transform the image into slime, the user can play with it.

Slime Painter – The user can paint slime with different colour options.

  • In the create section, the user creates slimes from the options available.


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