A book to learn secrets of mathematics for the real world – THINK LIKE A MATHS GENIUS

A book to learn secrets of mathematics for the real world …

Educational Book: THINK LIKE A MATHS GENIUS - Book Review in mirandavoice.com
Educational Book: THINK LIKE A MATHS GENIUS – Book Review in mirandavoice.com

Book: Think like a maths genius

Authors: Arthur Benjamin and Michael Shermer

Arthur Benjamin is a professor of mathematics and a professional magician. Michael Shermer is a contributing editor of the Scientific American.

Book Review:Think like a maths genius’ by Arthur Benjamin and Michael Shermer is a very impressive book, and does teach the reader of the book to think like a maths genius by applying simple tricks to solve complex mathematical calculations. It’s a thick book of total 9 chapters mostly containing examples of sums – the pattern in which the sums can be simplified for faster calculations.

The first chapter in the book lays the method of simplifying addition and subtraction sums from two digit numbers to proceed with large numbers by breaking  large numbers into multiples of 10, the basic formula for calculating both addition and subtraction sums  remains the same.

The second and third chapter in the book, ‘Think like a maths genius’, is about solving multiplication sums, which is based on breaking numbers in multiples of 10 for easier calculations, break up of numbers can be selected on addition method or subtraction method.

The fourth chapter deals with division sums, here there are few steps involved, basically it follows the same method of calculation which involves taking into consideration the multiples of 10 to simplify the entire process.

In this book ‘Think like a maths genius’, by Arthur Benjamin and Michael Shermer, the fifth chapter teaches the guesstimation method of calculating large numbers involving mathematical sums of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The sixth chapter advances with more techniques in solving mathematical sums, the eight chapter teaches how to easily solve advanced multiplication sums involving massive numbers and the ninth chapter introduces the reader to the art of mathematical magic.

With numerous examples of calculation, the book seems quite intimidating – therefore the book has to be best read chapter-wise, understanding the examples of calculation, which is quite easy to comprehend for a learner or person interested  in mathematics.

Think like a maths genius’, is an excellent book for learners of mathematics, especially suitable for children between the age-group of 9 to 15 years.

A valuable book with each chapter progressing to teach different concepts on simplifying mathematics, a MUST BUY book.


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