An Enjoyable 3D Train Racing Game to Maximize your Concentration Power #AppReview

Gaming App of Train Racing 3D 2018 (App Review in
Gaming App of Train Racing 3D 2018 (App Review in

App Review: Train Racing 3D 2018 by PRIME TIME GAMES, is a free gaming app available on Google Play Store, a non-addictive and non-threatening game for all above 8 years.

It has 2 mode selections – one is LEVELS, which is subdivided into 10 short levels based on time, each level unlocks as the player completes a previous level; it has 5 different types of trains to choose from, out of which 3 trains gets unlocked by the points/coins the player earns through the game; to play the ENDLESS mode all the trains has to be unlocked.

This 3D Train Racing Game helps in maximizing the player’s concentration power as the player has to constantly focus  his/her  attention on the direction indicators and the railway signal; the game is  easy to play and is interesting too, its graphics are awesome and the controls are smooth. This game helps a player to recognize and appreciate the basic system or functioning of railways.

 For more information on Train Racing 3D 2018 Game, please watch this video –

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