The Wimpy Kid: Do-It-Yourself Book by Jeff Kinney #BookReview

The Wimpy Kid - Do-It-Yourself Book by Jeff Kinney (Book Review in
Book: The Wimpy Kid -Do-It-Yourself Book by Jeff Kinney (Book Review in

Book: The Wimpy Kid: -Do-It-Yourself Book

Genre: Children’s Book – Educational Book/Activity Book

Author: Jeff Kinney


Published by the Penguin Group

Author, Jeff Kinney is an American cartoonist, producer and author of children’s books.

Book Review: The Wimpy Kid: Do-It-Yourself Book by Jeff Kinney, this thick book is an activity book cum a fun diary with an enriching experience suitable for children of 9-11 years, which greatly enhances creative thinking.

The child can choose any activity of his/her preference from the book, with minimum guidance from parent yet parental encouragement is necessary to boost the self-confidence of the child for the child to further select an activity of his/her choice – because the activities are extremely creatively rich that at first the child may hesitate to involve himself/herself, however once involved, the child will find this activity book fun and interesting.

There are several reading pages in the book, which opens-up with entirely new concepts for a child of 9-11 years, especially for children who are not from United States; the child has to simply checkmark the preferred choices or write something funny about him/her.

Activities like unfinished comics and make your own comics helps a child to participate in a creative venture – which at the same time develops a child’s creative ability and linguistic skills; drawing cartoons is a skill which very few children are good at, here the  child can choose to draw according to his/her ability – as this book is designed  to give the child the complete ownership over the book, what matters most is that this book gives the child the opportunity to reveal  his/her  inner-self in an entertaining  manner.

There are several designing activities in this activity book, each such activity has a model page at one part, for a child to refer to, which are easy to comprehend  and on the other plain part  the child has to put his/her creative effort to design  the activity according to his/her ability or desires.

The concluding part of the book has a comic segment which gives the book a colourful attraction however is dissimilar from the logical part of the book; and some blank pages for the child to write or draw according to his/her free-will.

Amazon Link – The Wimpy Kid: Do-it-Yourself Book (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) by Jeff Kinney

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