FINANCE FUNDAS by Brainsalt Education: A book for financial literacy of children #BookReview

Educational Book - FINANCE FUNDAS by Brainsalt Education (Book Review in
Educational Book: FINANCE FUNDAS by Brainsalt Education (Book Review in


Book: Finance Fundas for Grade 4

 Brainsalt Education Pvt. Ltd.

Genre: Educational Book

Book Review: Finance Fundas for grade 4, has 6 short chapters –

  1. Identify a bill – Explains the difference between a memo and bill
  2. A stitch in time saves nine – Describes the concept of saving money through nature -based story
  3. Learning about Fractions – States how the mathematical concept of fractions is a crucial factor which bonds our day to day life activities with monetary aspect
  4. Time to Sketch – Introduces children to Pie Charts and Bar Graphs format
  5. Let’s Exchange – Explains the exchange rate system, how to convert currency of a country to another country’s currency
  6. Pooling your Money – Explains the concept of pooling money and its advantages

All these chapters link our daily activity with the concept of money; the content is easy to comprehend, a valuable read for children to identity and appreciate the concept of money with every aspect of human life.

The different characters of the book, Lax – The Wise Owl, Cash – The Cool Cat, Dhanesh, Mani, Nafa & Fayda are appropriately named according to the profit making aspect of money. The layout of the book is child-friendly – contains suitable and attractive illustrations to explain the content.

At the conclusion of each chapter there are short and easy exercises, which perform as constructive revision of the chapters.

FINANCE FUNDAS by Brainsalt Education, aims at financial literacy of children through innovative educational methods.

Amazon link: Finance Fundas book  

A Helpful Suggestion: YouTube videos for children of ‘Introduction to Fractions & Addition of Fractions’ from Smart Learning for All are helpful in learning the mathematical concept of Fractions. 

One comment

  1. Learning how to manage your money is still not taught enough in school. Because of this most young adults find it very difficult to budget their money when they start work. Education should do more to prepare children.
    Thanks for sharing

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