An intellectual game for all car driving enthusiasts #AppReview

App Review: Dr. Driving gaming app, created by Studio Up Down, on Google Play Store is a non-addictive and non-threatening game for all above 8 years.

Dr. Driving gaming app ( App Review in
Dr. Driving Gaming App (App Review on

It’s a relatively difficult game and it does take a while to gain efficiency over its controls, yet at the same time this game is an excellent exercise for the intellect. A fascinating game especially for children, and people who don’t prefer driving; has an elite appeal to it, a well-designed game with smooth controls; though this game is speed based, it has a stress-free approach to it.

Dr. Driving gaming app has 9 modes: Speed, Drift, Parking, Broken Brake, Fuel, VIP Escort, Highway, Truck, Lane; has more added features to it, the player can also prefer to play this game with a friend or can opt to play this game online.

You can download Dr. Driving gaming app for free from Google Play Store.

For more information on Dr. Driving gaming app, please watch this video:


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