A vital game for visual discrimination on Google Play Store #App Review

The ability to recognize details in visual images – to identify and recognize the  similarities and differences of shapes/forms, colors, position of objects, people, and printed materials is  termed as Visual Discrimination.

Icon of App Burger Shop
Icon of App Burger Shop (App Review in mirandavoice.com)

App Review: Burger Shop game by GoBit Games on Google Play Store is a vital game for improvement or development of visual discrimination.  There are 4 modes to play in the version of Burger Shop FREE game – Story Mode, Relax Mode, Challenge Mode & Expert Story.

There are 80 levels in the Story Mode, when 10 levels of Diner restaurant in the Story Mode is completed, the Diner level in the Challenge Mode and the Relax Mode will  get unlock; to unlock  the other levels in the Challenge & Relax  Mode – 10 levels of that particular restaurant should be completed in the Story Mode. To unlock the Expert Story, all the 80 levels of Story Mode should be completed.

This game at first seems a bit daunting to play; it  takes a little while  to settle  to its speed and function after which it’s fun to play this game, especially the Relax Mode of this game. Burger Shop game is a non-addictive and non-violent game for all above 8 years.

To download Burger Shop FREE app visit → Google Play Store

For more information on this game, please watch this video:

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