The Mona Lisa Mystery – An elite narrative by Pat Hutchins

Book -The Mona Lisa Mystery by Pat Hutchins
Novel:  The Mona Lisa Mystery (Book Review in

Novel:  The Mona Lisa Mystery

Author:  Pat Hutchins

Illustrator:  Laurence Hutchins

Genre:  Children’s literature, Young adult fiction, Mystery fiction, Contemporary fiction

Puffin Books, Penguin Random House UK,

First published in 1981

Book Review: The Mona Lisa Mystery is an elite narrative by Pat Hutchins, which involves a mystery combined with travel expedition to Paris by a group of young school children, the narrative is written in a clever style that it effects the reader with the same perplexity as the little characters of the story are, the conclusion part puts all the pieces of the mystery together and a second read of the novel makes the reader highly appreciate the author for producing this excellent masterpiece.

The story has a distinct quality – the innocent conversation of the children, their excitement on their trip to Paris, weird incidents happening on the trip which arose curiosity among the children and their reactions  to these situations, the  intermingle of the England and Paris aroma of the narrative, the happy feel of the narrative, its black-and-white graffiti style illustrations by Laurence Hutchins which well occupies the book, the mystery  which is hard to predict by  the reader, the supreme quality of language;  makes this novel by Pat Hutchins a worthy read for all above 10 years.

A narrative majorly based on conversation, chapter 11 has exceptional description of the experience on the visit to the Eiffel tower, the entire novel is divided into 21 chapters; this novel is a week’s time read.

Amazon link: The Mona Lisa Mystery by Pat Hutchins

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