App Review – Drag-Math: Multiplication!

Icon of App - Drag-Math Multiplication!
Icon of App – Drag-Math Multiplication!


App – Drag-Math: Multiplication!

By Nerio Games

App Review: This game is a follow-up activity for children after they are familiar with the concept of multiplication tables.

In this game there are 2 sets: Fixed Sets & Random Challenges, each set is divided into 4 levels

In Fixed Sets, the first level has multiplication set from 1 × 1 to 5 × 5, the second  2 × 6 to 5 × 9, third 6 × 6 to 9 × 9 and the fourth 10 × 10 to 14 × 14; the demo of the third stage is shown in the above video

The first level is a suitable follow-up activity game for children of 2nd graders, the second and third stages for 3rd graders, the fourth for the  4th graders.

Random Challenges has set of multiplication tables from 1 up to 6 in the first level, from 1 up to 10 in the second level, 6 up to 14 in the third level  and 1 up to 14  in the fourth level — this game mode is locked and has to be purchased.

Sold by Amazon Digital Services LLC.

To download app – Drag-Math: Multiplication!  → visit Amazon Appstore


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