This is the story of ALISON HUBBLE: A witty short-story by Allan Ahlberg to pair with artworks of Bruce Ingman

Author Allan Ahlberg, is a children’s author who has written more than 150 books.

Book - ALISON HUBBLE by Allan Ahlberg ( Book Review in
Book: ALISON HUBBLE by Allan Ahlberg (Book Review in



Genre: Children’s Literature

Author: Allan Ahlberg

Illustrator: Bruce Ingman


First published 2016


Book Review: ALISON HUBBLE, is a witty story in rhyming narrative by Allan Ahlberg presented in a classy comic-book format; to amusingly narrate how Alison Hubble multiples from a single  girl to double to quadruple to grow uncountable in her numbers.

The book has series of sketches to illuminate the cheery narrative of the story; a number of full-length sketches, several shorter sketches and a number of shorter sketches are incorporated with speech balloons.


The illustrations by Bruce Ingman have a young or child-like quality; this short-story book is filled with one dimensional sketches, on a fleeting glance these sketches seems to be easy to sketch but on the contrary these artworks have intricate excellence – with meticulous human facial expressions and gestures, and systematic sketches of objects; this method of sketching is relatively difficult or takes years of practice to achieve precision.


Alison Hubble, is a comic-cum-educational storybook with basic mathematical concept for children of 7-9 years for vocabulary and creative/inventive growth, moreover a valuable resource art book for visual art enthusiasts.


Academic or Educational Significance/Use of the book: ALISON HUBBLE by Allan Ahlberg and Bruce Ingman

It is an excellent source of reading material for children of 7- 9 years, though they may require help of the teacher or parent in pronunciation of some words.

Activity –

The back cover of this book has smart illustrations of multiplication table of 2; this short example of illustration can be considered or developed into more creative ideas for teaching multiplication tables in a stimulating method to the children; this teaching method will be helpful for children in learning of mathematics through practical techniques, also in understanding the association of language and art with mathematics.

Amazon link: Alison Hubble by Allan Ahlberg

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