Nora Roberts is the New York Times bestselling author of more than one hundred fifty novels. Under the pen name J. D. Robb, she is the author of the New York Times bestselling futuristic suspense series, which features Lieutenant Eve Dallas and Roarke. There are more than 200 million copies of her books in print, and she has had more than one hundred New York Times bestsellers.

She is a member of several writers groups and has won countless awards from her colleagues and the publishing industry. Recently The New Yorker called her “America’s favourite novelist”. Visit her website at

This edition was published in 2005, a romantic fiction; is the final novel in the garden trilogy.

IMG_2827 - Copy

Some excerpts from the novel:

She shifted her gaze towards Harper and ordered herself to ignore the little ache that came from thinking of him married, making babies with some woman whose face she couldn’t see.

Of course, she’d be beautiful that was a given. Probably blonde and built and blue-blooded. The bitch.

Whoever she turned out to be, whatever she looked like or was like, Hayley determined she’d make friends. Even if it killed her.

“Something wrong with the potatoes?” David murmured beside her.

“Hmm. No. They’re awesome.”

“Just wondered why you looked like you were forcing down some bad-tasting medicine, sugar.”

“Oh, just thought about something I’m going to have to do, and won’t like. Life’s full of them. But that doesn’t include eating these potatoes. (Pg.31)


            Though the dark wasn’t deep yet, the path lights were glowing, those pretty soft green lanterns speared at the edges of the brick to guide the way. A few early lightning bugs blinked on and off, on and off over the heads of flowers, and out beyond to the roll of grass to lose themselves in the shadows of the woods.

            She drew in the perfume of heliotrope, sweet peas, roses, and the more pungent aroma of earth. All of those scents, along with the different tones of growing green would forever make her think of Harper, and this place. (Pg.79)


 She turned her head to give him better access, and her heavy eyes blinked clear. Widened. “Harper.”

When she jerked in his arms, he just shifted his grip. “What? It’s not next week yet.”

“Harper. Oh God, stop. Look.”

         Amelia stood in the doorway, the storm raging at her back. Behind her, through her, Hayley could see trees whipping in the wind and the bruised fists of clouds that smothered the sky. (Pg. 122)


They turned away from the lights and the action of Beale Street and wandered toward the river. Tourists flocked there as well, to stroll through the park or stand and watch the water, but the relative quiet made it easier for her to go back in her mind, and take him with her. (Pg. 138-139)


“Um, when you do all this, you pick the parents—the pollen plant, the seed plant. Deliberate selection, for specific characteristics.”

Her blue eyes, Harper’s brown. His patience, her impulse. What would you get?

“Right. You’re trying to cross them, to create something with the best—or at least the desired characteristics—of both.”

His temper, her stubbornness. Oh God. “People don’t work that way.”

“Hmm.” He turned to his computer, keying data into a file. “No, guess not.”

“And with people, they can’t always—or don’t always—plan it all out like this. They don’t get together and say, hey, let’s hybridize.” (Pg.293)

 Needless to say that I enjoyed every bit of reading this novel and I am extremely inspired by her writing.


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