Indian Miniature Painting (1)


IMG_2296 - Copy

The earliest surviving miniature paintings are on palm leaves from the 10th century and on paper from the 14th century. The highlight of these paintings is the intricate and delicate brushwork, which lends them a unique identity. The colors are handmade, from minerals, vegetables, precious stones, indigo, conch shells, pure gold and silver. With the advent of the Mughals in the mid 16th century, the subjects of miniature paintings included portraits, court scenes, flora and fauna.


IMG_2297 - CopyBuddha and Goddess Marichi: Folios from manuscript of Prajnaparmita, Palm leaf, Pala Style, Eastern India, 12th century C.E.

IMG_2321 - CopyThe Devotee Offering His Daughter to the Clouds in Marriage: An illustrated folio of Anwar-i-Suhayli, Chapter IV, Story 12, Mughal, c. 1575 CE

IMG_2331 - CopyPortrait of an unknown nobleman:  Mughal, Delhi, c. 1675 CE

IMG_2335 - CopyPortraits of Begams: Mughal, 19th century CE, Sir Ratan Tata Art Collection

IMG_2337 - CopyTajmahal from the river side: Painting on Ivory, Mughal, Delhi, Early 20th century CE, Sir Ratan Tata Art Collection

  IMG_2352 - CopyLadies Enjoying Huqqa: Rajasthani, Bundi, Mid-18th century CE

IMG_2354 - CopyLadies Passing their time on the terrace:  Rajasthani, Bundi, Late18th century CE

IMG_2358 - CopyManabhava of Radha and Krishna: Rajasthani, Kishangarh, Mid-18th century CE

IMG_2415 - Copy




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