Art & Artist

I love making art… It’s largely how I see myself. I’m an artist; therefore I have to make art.” ~Chuck Close

I was at Phoenix Marketcity located at Kurla in Mumbai for a concert, however for some reason was not able to attend the musical show; and then I thought of exploring the mall for creative art through photography.

For a while I was at awe viewing the glamour of India’s largest shopping mall; the map below will justify its magnitude to an extent for strolling around is the much better way to explore its massiveness and, of course, its glitziness.


I found:

This attention-grabbing display window,


Contemporary art sculpture of a bottle,



And these contemporary piece of huge, golden, bell shaped chandeliers.


This photograph captures the 3 levels of the mall, and you can spot a musical group performing at the ground floor.


This musical group belongs to Happydemic


You are invited to watch this singer’s mesmerising performance in two very short video, please visit my Facebook page:


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