Those Undesirable Years

THE nocturnal murkiness with dainty sheen penetrated in his bedroom through the maroon curtains of the window. He switched on the table lamp besides his bed, and the room fizzed with indulgent warmth.

The sound of gentle footsteps hurrying near his bedroom door alerted him. “Rudra, Vartika is here”, stated his mom in a nervous huff.  His heartbeat bounced in enthusiasm at the mention of her name, his love Vartika – whom he had last met five years ago; she had ambitiously married a rich man, to callously leave him heartbroken.

He dashed towards the doorway of his humble dwelling; there she stood trembling and drenched in the downpour. Those murky years had transformed her into an anxious woman from an audacious, charming girl.

 “I had been missing you for the last five years”, she cried severely in guilt and grief to find solace in him, and those bitter years had harshly changed him to a gloomy man from a jovial, attractive guy.

He affectionately wiped her tears to embrace her in gladness.



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