Love Beam

THE wall arc lamps flickered alongside the auburn wall of his French window where climbing roses in pink and white rested; she appreciated the prettiness of his balcony encircled with wrought-iron railing. In the moonbeam, his apartment appeared as a gateway of ray surrounded by profuse sheet of dusky foliage.

She quietly ascended the granite stairway of the three storey building girded with the same wrought-iron railing fashioned in array of lilies and coated in white, with the aroma of zesty food intentionally meandering out of his apartment to course on the stairway to arouse her senses. Dragging her suitcase, with parallel streaks of brown mud from the wet wheels leaving a trail on the black surface, she soon stood fronting the rock-hard timber door at the second floor. Holding the opaque wine bottle, she let out a breathless laugh from nervousness or perhaps excitement, the feeling which rose within her was difficult for her to distinguish at the priceless moment of standing so close to the access of love …

A few months back, on one of her early morning leisure walk on the beach when the sun grins to rouge the sky, the sinuous waves jaunty against her feet carried an opaque wine bottle spray painted pink in a geometric pattern, she enthusiastically lifted the exquisite bottle and pulled out the large rubber cork to find a cursive handwritten note on a fuchsia, firm, slice of paper which read, “ My beautiful,if you have found this bottle, I am your genie.” And on the other side of the paper the full name and the nation state of the genie was mentioned in neat capital letters. She was charmed by this person’s prank and decided to find him.

She probed for the existence of this man over a popular social networking website, after few days into the probe, she found that he was in his mid-twenties, having a personality to drool over yet not typically the type she would prefer to date she decided. However, she got smitten by his uncanny sense of humour; she sent a friendship request and added the picture of the bottle in her profile page. After few days of no response, she was pleasantly surprised when he accepted her friendship request, soon both began chatting and became the best of friends in few months. He desired to meet her and so did she …

With a loud thud the door was ajar, he stood panting in front of her, his dark eyes rested on her’s for a while, then he gawkily stated, “I was expecting you”, with a smile that sparkled broadly on his face and the bliss in his eyes could almost lit a thousand lamps.

After the treat of zesty food over the chit-chat which could go on forever, their passion for each other could no longer constraint from erupting. Their bodies moved over each other to feel every cord of desire and to finally culminate in the fulfilment of unification.  


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