Eric & Erica- The Affirmation

Erica has a mountain bicycle with large knobby tires and durable heavy duty wheels, which whizzes defying gravity as she pedals the bike …

Her cycle is lush black; she races past few cars on a gravel path veiled sporadically with parched peepal leaves, which glides from the aged trees across to rise recurrently as vehicles zoom past, which curves down a cobblestoned street which leads to a crossroad, fixed at the hub with a marble statue of a fella holding the earth upright with one hand and signifying to spin the earth with the other, to sagely glimpse at it. She circles around the figure and whizzes straight ahead with the drift of the zephyr.

Near the dawn of the freeway, Eric spots her. He sprints towards her on his ritzy, red mountain bicycle to circle around her; to her admiration and briskly paces near her to jovially proclaim, “I Love You”.


  1. What a beautiful journey I was on with Erica! The little details of the place, along her trip. You have a wonderful way of poetically describing the locations and the scenes in your story. It was so lovely reading that second paragraph, I read it thrice again. Thanks for the experience! 🙂

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