Elephanta Caves in Series: Pillars of strength

Previous:   https://t.co/RfPuHrroks   It’s incredible pathway


IMG_1274 - Copy

The Entrance of the Main Cave or the Great Cave


IMG_1275 - Copy

The sculpture of Trimurti Sadashiva, located at the centre on the south wall of the main cave.


IMG_1296 - CopyThe main hall


IMG_1300 - Copy

The west wing of the main cave


IMG_1309 - Copy

Middle courtyard connecting the east-end cave



IMG_1310 - Copy

The east wing of the main cave


Other Caves:

IMG_1328 - Copy

A potent creation



IMG_1329 - Copy

A rational sculpture


IMG_1332 - Copy

A supreme piece of art


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  1. Imagine how many it must have taken to build such incredible structures, and how long to do so!
    Hewn from solid rock is very impressive indeed. Thank You, I didn’t know of these caves before visiting your blog. 🙂

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