The Dolphins & Bella

Bella sprang in excitement, clapping her hands in glee with her aquiline nose soaking and her little ponytail winging in the crispness of the marine-breeze …


“Papa, see the Dolphins leaping out of the water!” eight year old Bella sprang in excitement, clapping her hands in glee with her aquiline nose soaking and her little ponytail winging in the crispness of the marine-breeze. She sat gripping her dad’s sturdy hand, to enthusiastically watch the beaked nose dolphins, as the outboard motor boat cruised in the azure water of the sea – parallel to the dolphin’s course with a slow and steady speed, in the early flawless morning.

“Do you want to know about dolphins?”  The young, fine-looking tour guide in a bright demeanour asked her; she smiled ecstatically and shook her head. 

A group of dolphins is called a school or a pod”.  

“What? … A school … A pod”, she interrupted to giggle noisily.   

“Male dolphins are called bulls, females are called cows and young dolphins are called calves”.

“Hahaha …”, her laughter rippled in the air.

Dolphins are considered as one of Earth’s most intelligent animals”, the guide remarked with a smile.

“These are humpback dolphins and they use their conical shaped teeth to capture fast moving prey”, the guide animated by opening his mouth wide to amuse her and chuckled mischievously before stating, “and they feed on fish”.

“Humpback dolphins?” she enquired hilariously and her laughter wafted through the air.

Humpback dolphin has a hump ahead of its semi-circular upper side fin”, he specified.

“Yes!” she exclaimed in delight as she observed some dolphins rise up vertically from the water, exposing the upper half of their bodies.

“Look Papa, they are off-white from the tail to the snout … and their flanks are dark grey … and their stomachs are a lighter grey”, she energetically stated pointing towards the dolphins, when she suddenly witnessed the rare sighting of two dolphins leaping completely out of the water.

“They have a pair of protruding eyes which allows them to see clearly in both air and water”, commented the guide and quickly photographed the dolphins.

“And they have well-developed hearing too, which is adapted for both air and water”, said Bella’s dad.

“Papa, you too know about the dolphins?” Bella enquired in astonishment.

“Yes, I read an article about them which also mentioned about the declining population of dolphins mainly because of pollution”, stated her dad and covered Bella’s head with a sturdy white sunhat adorned with a pink bow, to shade her from the heat of the sun.

Author: mirandavoice

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