At My Book Store (Part 2) – Fiction “Is someone here?” I heard a bold voice at my book store … I am in my twenties and in quest of a love alliance, here’s my next chance. (Continued)

It was the cessation of tranquil winter months and spring was beginning to bow its head up to blooms, the path from the western facade of the old cathedral – a small fortress with high walls, few narrow windows at its margins, a portal and a similar-looking upper window profoundly garlanded with Romanesque motifs; was prospering with trees of Gulmohar (Royal Poinciana)  with curvaceous barks and  its widespread  branches intertwined with the branches of the trees on either sides, canopying the tapered path with rubicund  flowers … after stopping to admire the magnificence she walked towards the manic street of  the crowded market where her elegant book store stood.

It was a tedious day with the task of stocking the books on the gargantuan wooden bookshelves and the counter in front of them was clear. She was busy stacking the books on the bookshelf, standing on the ladder with her pink maxi dress curving coyly on the edge near her calves from the breeze which blew from the porch. 

She tripped from the ladder when a wide grinning gentleman lightly shook the ladder and she found herself secure on his firm arms.  In bafflement she directly gazed in his smirking eyes. “Holy cow! What are you doing in my arms?” he pompously jolted and placed her on the counter with a thud to loosen her hair worn in a bun into frizzy tresses. “You do look pretty”, he commented with a wink and sashayed out from the vacant space girded by the bookshelf and the counter and started to tap dance on the centre space of the store.

Too stunned by his extroverted behaviour, she managed to gather herself and yelled, “Are you aware this is my book store and it’s absolutely disgraceful for you to act so weirdly at my space!” She strode towards him and questioned in a stern-sweet tone, “May I know, what are you here for?”

He blatantly pulled her hand to swirl her and positioned her on the swivel chair to spin the chair with great force, she felt dizzy and shrieked, “Will you stop this!” He kept his foot near the wheel of the chair to stop it from spinning and removed a  slender metallic object from the back pocket of this dark-brown trousers, placed it on her palm and said, “Do you  know what’s this called?” “Yes of course, it’s a magnet … Do you sell magnets?” she mockingly commented. “You seem to have a good general knowledge but sadly your humour sucks”, “You are not my judge”, she intensely shot back.

He casually  sat on the floor next to the chair, took the metal in his hand and dropped it in the pocket of his off-white shirt and in a composed manner he stated, “When you would  chase after Henry in the meadows holding a pretty bouquet of colourful flowers, I would chase after you to unzip your pretty girlhood frocks using this magnet … then you would turnaround to furiously chase after me and would irately drop me on the ground to hit me with the bouquet, to accidentally shower me with  colourful petals.”

“Raghuvir, it’s you!” she exclaimed in joy, “What on earth brings you here?”

“You”, he stated to raise his one dark brow.



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