I snapped this picture of the twilight from the ferryboat at the Gateway of India, twilight is the magical spell of the day at dusk or dawn, and this picture is of dusk … the sight of this twilight was so gorgeous that I didn’t wanted to miss the opportunity to picture it, much to the inconvenience of clicking a snap from a boat.

I was along with unfamiliar day-trippers –  a mix of families, couples and singles from India and from other countries;  many enthusiastic, some cheerful and few perceptive among the bunch of people on this short cruise on  the suave waters of the Arabian Sea feeling the freshness of the sea-breeze.

For me the another prettiest fragment of this sail was the sighting of flock of seagulls which accompanied ferryboats and they did flock near the boat I was in, they flocked so close to the boat – floating their white body in the air with steady flicks of their long wings tipped with black coats, as if the boat was a part of their flock; and the other notable moment was spotting of eagles encircling in the gust – I captured those brief moments in my mind and narrated it here, much to my convenience ( call me lazy but clicking snaps from a boat is wobbly).



  1. Beautiful post Miranda. I also love twilight ad can feel the fresh breeze on the Arabian Sea.
    Seagulls now, I grew up with them and adore them. Their beautiful flight, even their calls across
    the sea is fresh and beautiful.

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