The Arabian story of Mumbai – The Gateway of India

A brilliant landmark that marks India’s chief ports was built during the 20th century …


Photography is a creative endeavour which I have acquired through my observation ability and one of the best subjects for photography is architecture.

The Gateway of India, a brilliant landmark that marks India’s chief ports was built during the 20th century, is a major tourist attraction that lies at the end of Chhatrapati Shivaji Marg (Street) by the Arabian Sea at Apollo Bunder – in the Colaba district of Mumbai, India.

IMG_1250 - Copy (4)

The structure is a basalt arch; the 4 turrets are the prominent feature …

IMG_1260 - Copy

 … and the structure is 85 feet high.

IMG_1252 - Copy

The central dome is 83 feet above the ground at its highest point …

IMG_1253 - Copy

… and is 48 feet in diameter.

IMG_1251 - Copy (2)

This grand edifice is built in yellow basalt and indissoluble concrete designed in the Indo-Saracenic – an architectural style with elements from native Indo-Islamic and Indian architecture combined with the Gothic revival and Neo-Classical styles favoured in Victorian Britain.

The city of Mumbai, a union of seven islands, is situated on the Arabian Sea coast of India and is a chest of treasure.

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6 thoughts on “The Arabian story of Mumbai – The Gateway of India”

  1. Highly insightful again, been there but never had known these details or even the structure didn’t feel so attractive before reading and seeing this. Thanks for sharing Miranda.

  2. You should get in the Thursday’s Doors post blogging. This collection of photographs is gorgeous! I certainly think Norm Frampton would be honored if you would post next Thursday and then you go to his blog and follow his directions for linking. I asked him way back before I took photographs, if I could simply describe doors and he said, Yes! 🙂 Thanks for reading and liking my posts!

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