Slice of Love (… in argument)

“I don’t like the colour of these curtains; your choice is too bad”, he commented inventively in the afternoon of a snowy day.


“Dad is right”, said my son.

“Hmmm, here’s a team against me.” 

“Why don’t you two argue in the bedroom? I need to concentrate on my studies”, demanded my son.

“That’s a good idea”, stated his amused Dad.

He held my hand and said, “Follow me my lady; I’ll share my knowledge about colours with you”.

(Thud … Thud … Thud)

“Mom, what’s the sound from the bed room?” inquired my son.

“Don’t worry son … your Dad and I … are arguing over the colour … of the bed sheet (giggle).”

“And your Mom is always right”, chuckled his Dad.

“My crazy Parents!” remarked my innocent son.


Well, the argument in the bedroom is censored


(Previous two Instances of Slice: In conversation  & In friction )



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