Girlish Thoughts on the Morning Moon


MY early morning walk in winter is extraordinary – neat pastel, slight frosty … and what do I see in the sky … The Moon … Has someone forgotten to switch off the dim glow in the early morning softness of a home?

Some days it glints way above my head, numerous days it glimmers faraway, other days I hunt for the moon and it innocently waits for me hiding itself at a corner … to detect whether I’m snooping for it.

It often changes it shapes to surprise me … I am amazed by its many forms, sometimes round,  sometimes a little bend on a side, sometimes its curve dip too much  and sometimes it exact its half.

“It’s morning! It’s morning!”  Flock of birds rebelliously chirp at the moon if in case it has flouted the rule and is spending its extra spell merely basking in the mute morning.

The sun takes its relaxing stretch to appear so that the moon can adore its superfluous stint to chill out in the erratic winter morning, because it  submissively whines to the sun, “It’s unfair you get ample time to gawp inside each angle of the earth with your penetrating beaming light.” …

  … So the sun calmingly takes liberty to appear unhurriedly (for it dozes for an extra while) in the winter chill. Understandably it appears and says “Good Morning”, finding a silly excuse it say’s “I’m late for the Moon expressed it wants overtime on chilly winter mornings”.



  1. Nohing mesmerises me more than the sight of the moon. Since I was a child (and this my dad told me) I was always facinated by the moon. When driving at night, I would be at the window, nose glued to window trying to catch a glimpse of the moon…and then claim, Why is the moon following us!!!! I often catch myself doing this even now.. searching for the moon in dark skies on the way home from late night engagements…and sometimes, just like you, when I go for my morning walks, the moon waits for me in the Sky, bright and Glorious and leaves me with a smile within, as a token to its loyalty…

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