The Arabian story of Mumbai – Flora Fountain

I had frequented Fort Mumbai several times, however had skipped visiting the ‘Flora Fountain’ because it is a fountain so what would be unique about it? … I always had this doubt unless until I visited this place located at the square, where five streets meet, which is a walking distance of about 10 minutes from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST).

The Description: Flora Fountain is an exquisitely sculpted heritage monumentFlora, the Roman Goddess of flowers and the season of spring adorns the top of the fountain and the four corners of the fountain are adorned with mythological figures. It was built in 1864 and is a fusion of water, architecture and sculpture.

Its beauty blossoms with the spout of water, I took these pictures of the fountain when the sun marvellously shined above the fountain and its beauty flourished. I revolved around the fountain clicking snapshots of its four sides and it sensed as though I have taken a sacred round of a sacred place.

The revolve:

IMG_1046 - Copy

First …


IMG_1052 - Copy

Second …


IMG_1054 - Copy (2)

Third …


IMG_1056 - Copy (2)

Fourth …


IMG_1057 - Copy



The city of Mumbai, a union of seven islands, is situated on the Arabian Sea coast of India and is filled with unfathomable features.



  1. Hi, Miranda! People sometimes think that my name is a nickname shortened from yours, but it’s not. So, hello. This is a very auspicious day regarding “twins” or look-alikes. I just wrote a post about that and now you’ve clicked on a comment I wrote, and voila! You look like a neighbor that lives in my building! Also, my brother, who is no longer with us, used to have a lamp whose base looks like the same type of fish, or sea monster, seen at the top of the fountain. Those type of fish with the pointy noses like that were often portrayed in the middle of oceans on very old
    maps. Well, your stories look very interesting. I am going to go now and read some of them. Thank you for connecting us, and I look forward to the exchange! Beautiful rose, by the way…

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