The Hollow Nest – (Insight)

Sudha subconsciously scrutinized the sand casing her shoes and minute seashells absorbed in the sand near them and then she austerely paced towards the direction of the lovely country cottage with yellow marigolds around its barbed wire fence.


The branches of the coconut trees irately swayed to the rustic wind of the sea rolling from the opposite end. She was fourteen the last time she visited her grandparents, along with her parents. Now, at eighteen, during autumn she had travelled alone and her parents had divorced.


Standing next to the fence of the cottage, she witnessed her grandma immersed in thoughts as she was consciously sweeping away the sand from the concrete surface adjacent to the house and her grandpa was tranquilly seated on a rocking chair engrossed in reading a newspaper. In the quietness, merely the laborious sound of her grandma’s broom echoed until she greeted, “Good Morning”.


They were thrilled to see her but within a fraction of a second their expression altered into regret – they were enraged over her parents’ divorce, recognizing concern for her. 


During her visit, she observed some stubborn parallels between her parents and grandparents. Her grandparents never jovially spoke with each other except for the usual routine talk which was short of expression of love; their demeanour was comparable to her parents. Perceiving her grandparents detached attitude, she amusingly and sensibly agreed – “My parents have opted out from living unhappy life in the spring of their lives”.


At the gate of the barbed wire fence bordered with yellow marigolds, as she left the hollow nest – she remarked with a serene smile, “My parents are happy with their preferred partners and I feel happy for them and for myself.”


Her remorseful grandparents knowingly stared at one another as she treaded sanguinely greeting the gust and gathering the minute seashells.


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