Slice of Romance (… in friction)

I was busy writing a story drowned in the thoughts of a peculiar character.

“Are you busy?” He asked with a crooked smile and winked.

“If I say yes then what would you do?” I questioned with a wicked grin.

With a teasing smirk he exclaimed dramatically, “OH! What can I do? I would rather watch some beautiful ladies on T.V.”

“Go ahead”, I snapped.

“Don’t you dare come near me”, he replied in rage.

My man was infuriated – I watched him grumpily sitting on the sofa, tapping his feet on the floor and pretending to watch T.V.

I deliberately paced towards him, playing to be stern I said, “Please pass me that red cushion, that’s my favourite one”.

In aggression he threw the cushion towards me and roared, “Go sleep with the cushion!”

“But how can I sleep with the cushion? I want to sleep with you!”  I reacted wittily and threw the cushion back at him and ran in the bedroom, he chased to say “Grrrr” and I said “Mew”.

To be continued … (for sure)


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