Slice of Romance (… in friction)

He chased to say “Grrrr” and I said “Mew” …


I was busy writing a story drowned in the thoughts of a peculiar character.

“Are you busy?” He asked with a crooked smile and winked.

“If I say yes then what would you do?” I questioned with a wicked grin.

With a teasing smirk he exclaimed dramatically, “OH! What can I do? I would rather watch some beautiful ladies on T.V.”

“Go ahead”, I snapped.

“Don’t you dare come near me”, he replied in rage.

My man was infuriated – I watched him grumpily sitting on the sofa, tapping his feet on the floor and pretending to watch T.V.

I deliberately paced towards him, playing to be stern I said, “Please pass me that red cushion, that’s my favourite one”.

In aggression he threw the cushion towards me and roared, “Go sleep with the cushion!”

“But how can I sleep with the cushion? I want to sleep with you!”  I reacted wittily and threw the cushion back at him and ran in the bedroom, he chased to say “Grrrr” and I said “Mew”.

To be continued … (for sure)

Author: mirandavoice

I am the author of the blog,, which is based on photography, fiction and non-fiction piece of writing. I am also the author of another blog, A blog of innovative and healthy food recipes written in an unorthodox format. I am a recipe developer. I have an inherent ability to create recipes with new flavours using natural ingredients - I create both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes, for this I usually use less number of ingredients to keep the recipe simple and easy, which are certainly tasty and are beneficial to health in general. Each recipe is written according to my awareness of the recipe when I create it, in a writing skill which is very easy for the reader to comprehend. Sylvia Miranda (

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