Slice of Romance (… in conversation) – FICTION

YOU gently knocked the door in the afternoon; I wasn’t as usual expecting you and was startled. You habitually stared at me and questioned me in resent, “So, do you love me?”

I quivered and answered warmly, “I trembled and went far from you and ignored your loving gaze because I had never known love … your unconditional love”. You nodded your head in agreement at the answer and stared at me with love.

Then I asked you in sorrow, “Why did you insult me?”

You obviously stared at me to answer overpoweringly, “I proclaimed my love to you because you had badly bruised me for my love”. Your voice revealed the agony of your heart as you yelled to question me again, “Do you love me?”

“I kept quiet when you insulted me for I knew I had badly bruised you, you’d notice the pain in my eyes … You put the brightest smile on my face, I am sorry all this while I was unaware of your relentless love for me”, I responded in love.




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