The Sparkling Flame

IMG_0820 - Copy (2)

What is Love?

Is love the most manipulative word used or

An addictive word of care said unwisely?

Is love a word to express a delicate emotion or

A substitute word used to express sympathy?

Is love a word to whisper fondness or

Is it a word to express yearning towards fascination?

When these questions question me, I realise –

Being with you is Love.



I have heard you

I heard you from the realm of my innate desire,

The resonance of your voice thumps like the beats of the energetic drums,

It’s jovial, as though you are saying, “Listen wisely …

The rhythms are my heartbeats, swaying in tune with yours”.

I am listening to its every pace …

To feel the rhythm of my heartbeat for

My heart lies with you.



Come …

Come near me,

The mist in my eyes cries for the zealous gaze of your eyes.

My fingers hunger for the clasp of your fingers,

Come close, let the clout of your body stroke me.

Come embrace me, vacate the space that dwells between us,

Come kiss me and let all the loose ends vanish.



Have I told you?

Have I not told you … you belong to me?

You draw me close,

The odour of your body ignites the passion in me,

The intimacy amid us rings me in flames.

You belong to me as I belong to you,

You complete me.

So don’t you know that … I Love You?



The flame sparkles




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