Marriage: Obligation or Love

He masked his wicked intention with an inane smiling face; she an innocent girl got attracted towards him for she assumed he was as pure as her but he was a shrewd man and married this girl for money, for money was significant for him.

He coldly ignored her sentiments because he recognized love as only a carnal encounter with every other woman. He pretended to be naive in front of her but gossiped and ridiculed her in secret; she perceived him to be an immature man and tried her best to make him recognize the true meaning of love. She held his hand during the tough trials of life but he never needed her for he was simply deceiving her.

She was in the hope that he will give her the love which she desired.  After few years of marriage she felt extremely lonely and was in despair, she understood her marriage was just based on obligation and not on love so they mutually agreed to end their marriage however they shared a bond of friendship and accepted each other as friends.

Her sadness has ended and she has found her happiness in a man who is desperately craving for her love, for he has encountered women who recognize love as only a carnal encounter with every other man. Their passionate love for each other has just begun and will never end for true love is forever.

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