He sat very comfortably and arrogantly in the centre of the park, during twilight of a wonderful day, on a yellow bench under the shade of a gorgeous tree with its growing branches spread extensively. There were several emotionless people in the park who were chasing impeccable dreams and amid the chaos he noticed her sitting elegantly on a purple bench facing a glorious water fountain; he was sitting opposite of her however very far from her. He got passionately attracted towards her; he intuitively felt that he knew her since eternities and (very) desperately wanted to talk but his pride made him hesitate so he decided to observe her from far.

Several people passed from front of him but he only noticed her, suddenly he saw her secretively wiping her tears which were flowing very cautiously from her tearful eyes. Watching her emotionally drowned made him anxious and he instantaneously paced towards her (oddly and amusingly with a thrilled heart).

“What’s the matter?”  He asked in a rude tone to disguise his true feelings, she did not appreciate the tone (and was seriously contemplating to punch him) however both were caught in an unspoken moment of instant spark as they glimpsed in each other’s eyes.

“What’s the matter?” he asked politely (and perhaps nervously) this time around, she was speechless and was consciously wondering at his question, “How did he manage to notice my tears? They weren’t meant to be seen and why am I instinctively feeling that we belong to each other ?” She was confused at her own doubting questions so she quickly hurried away from him. He (desired to chase her but ) just watched her fly like a scared sparrow and boldly smiled to murmur, “She is mine”.

For many days both sat on the opposite benches of the same park, far from each other quietly noticing the other, as unique enigmatic vibe connected them together. Then one day he impatiently and curiously waited for her at the park, she came and slowly paced towards him; her heart was beating with joy. He (wanted to hug her however) silently led her towards the bench he sat in the park, both sat on the two corners of the bench trying to deliberately guard their beautiful desire.

“What’s the matter?” he questioned very affectionately, she enquiringly gazed in his eyes – they reflected back a sacred radiance which only she could see. She unexpectedly poured out her grief however in a cautious manner yet he understood the secret and meaning of her each spoken and unspoken words – this revelation made her nervous and once again she fled away. He once again watched her fly like a nervous sparrow and confidently murmured to himself, “She belongs to me”.

After many days, he stood waiting for her on a lively lane of a blessed place – he knew that she would be here, where many happy families were rejoicing, they easily spotted each other and stood close drawn in the moment of silence just gazing charmingly at the other. He said, “Come with me” and she silently agreed. He held her hand softly and for the first time both physically felt the warmth of their irresistible love. He took her to a remote and secretive yet beautiful location. He courteously kneeled before her  and delightfully placed a ring on her finger to say, “I love you”. As she heard the genuine echo of her own lovely feelings from him, tears of joy started rolling from her eyes, he stood up to kiss her tears and to lock their lips together for a splendid kiss. The night their bodies united splendidly, their unified souls were joyous as their heart and mind played a happy melodious tune of togetherness. They woke up to witness the rising sun over the sea, as tender waves touched the shore – they glanced at each other to whisper the promise, “I‘ll be with you forever ” and they lived happily in love and passion ever after with the promise to be together in this lifetime and  other countless lifetimes to follow.

Love always succeeds.

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