From a Mom’s Diary

“I want to look my best!”  I proclaimed to the loudest – merrily holding on to a wedding invitation card, then breaking into a song and dance sequence that consecutively led the walls of my house to shiver with unease and the furniture to wade with ease. As a chain reaction my six month old baby wailed out from his sleep, to be calmed down with an assurance that – he wasn’t legally liable, yet, to be the recipient of my shopping bill.

A family wedding was around the corner … by corner I mean, “Just fourteen days’ notice issued for renovating an under-maintained house!” “I have objections to it!! But protesting will make no difference”, I consoled myself. Sadly, the house resembled me and the renovation (believe me!) explained shopping. After all, for nearly being under house-arrest for six months had crumpled me and I urgently required a remedy to pamper myself … the wedding – an excuse … shopping – the cure.

I imagined the therapeutic moment … Cruising on the by-lanes of the high-end retail stores, staring at the display windows, twice checking for discount offers … Calculating and rechecking the conditions specified, catching-up to the new fashion trends, feasting my eyes on the variety of colourful outfits … Impatiently hunting for outfits that appeals to my sense, hurrying into the trial room, judging my appearance …

“Madam-Madam!” a helpless voice of an attendant zoomed from across the other end of the trial room, “Your child has crawled into the display window and has positioned himself next to a mannequin!” This made me wakeup from the divine resort of a subconscious mind to a conscious state of realty check.

“With a baby, it is impossible to go for shopping … a ME time, spending my time at leisure” … These wise words immersed me into despair, the despair struck the pendulum in my brain to swing rapidly and then it struck TWELVE. The idea was – Online Shopping.

Surfing through a list of best shopping sites, I navigated my path. All the snapshots of what I desired to purchase lay in front of me, along with description and variety of similar products to choose from … and I sailed meditatively through the tide of online shopping.


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