The Joys of Janmashtami


Janmashtami or Gokulashtami is the celebration of Lord Krishna’s birthday,  one of the most popular festivals of Mumbai, a community celebration where several  group of youngsters form human pyramid to try and break an earthen pot full of curd, called as ‘dahi-handi’ in local language. I visited such a celebration in Thane, a city in Maharashtra, India, a part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. And experienced to be a part of this celebration, though as a passive observer, the cheerfulness among the people around enthralled me and I captured some of the ecstatic moments during the initial phase of the festivity.

On Sunday 6th September 2015:

During the early part of the celebration different groups, referred as ‘mandals’ in local language, try to successfully form human pyramid to the maximum possible layers.

IMG_0595 - Copy

IMG_0596 - Copy

IMG_0597 - Copy

IMG_0598 - Copy (2)

IMG_0599 - Copy

IMG_0601 - Copy

IMG_0605 - Copy

IMG_0606 - Copy


I had the opportunity to watch a performance of the Marathi folk dance called ‘Lavani’, which further enhanced lively moments into the pulsating air.

IMG_0614 - Copy

IMG_0615 - Copy


Watching these groups jig in enjoyment to every beat of popular Bollywood movie songs is worth a watch.


IMG_0621 - Copy


IMG_0628 - Copy

IMG_0629 - Copy

IMG_0630 - Copy

IMG_0631 - Copy

IMG_0632 - Copy

This group were on their way back to another Janmashtami celebration in the city.

IMG_0635 - Copy

IMG_0634 - Copy

If you see the above picture carefully, this youngster who is awkwardly walking backwards was funnily trying to imitate my walk … Damn you!


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