My Vibrant Self at a Static Fair

I was at the furniture fair, totally clueless regarding what I was specifically looking for but exclusive pieces of designs reflecting an attitude, a grace and which attracts the buyers towards it and leaves the salespersons job insignificant – does interest me.

I entered the fair with all these conscious thoughts and was immediately greeted by a salesperson’s sudden garish voice, “Hello Madam!!!” ….  The tone of his expression was both irritating and amusing – it took me by surprise. Holding back my laughter; at first I smiled suspiciously at him and later glanced at the display.  The furniture were very Indian and classic in design which I had seen very often in furniture shops, I slowly stepped forward trying to politely convey the salesperson by disinterest.

There was a segment which was especially into customized sofas, which interested me. The enthusiastic salesperson persuaded me into sitting on every sofa which was on display, to comprehend the relaxation factor – the couches which bounced gently were the frontrunners in the competition! He presented me a thick catalogue consisting of all the possible designs which I could not have preferably imagined, nevertheless the price quote made me shiver. “Alright, can you give me your visiting card  … I’ll surely give you a call”, I tried to flee being respectfully dishonest. Nevertheless, the salesperson insisted, “Why don’t you book a sofa now, the price quoted at the fair is cheaper?” To discourage his coaxing – I cunningly replied back, “I am not sure now, will definitely get back to you”.

Proceeding ahead, I came across a section specializing in indoor fountains; the designs were rustic in nature – showcasing creativity to its optimum potential. Walking around those beautifully crafted pieces was similar to a short trek in the countryside.

Here was a section blooming in royalty with furniture made from teak wood, possessing an unmatched elegance. The different types of clocks at display – the tower clock, the grandfather clock, the wall clock and the table clock gave the impression of belongings from an emperor’s palace …for a while I imagined myself as  Cinderella … of course, lost at a furniture fair.

The next segment which aroused my interest was the one with display of swings. I hopped to sit on some of the swings to simulate my childhood memories, I realised few designs which looked appealing lacked the comfort factor and left me speculating that  –  if I would have sat on them for more than few seconds, I would have definitely fallen flat on the ground along with the swing.

Exiting the fair, I observed a visitor of the fair comfortable sitting on a resting chair – the   expression on his face intrigued me. It did not seem that he was relaxing on the chair with the intention of purchasing it; he appeared to be in a pause mode – distancing oneself from the commotion around.

“Hello Madam!!!” … The same voice of that anomalous salesperson fell in my ears to stun me, this time I could not hold back my laughter and left the place pleasantly smiling back at him.



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