Being me

Being me I travel the world, uncluttered I see the smallest expression,

Very few are real … Some pretentious … Some in tune to match with others,

Some live in fantasy and some don’t simply care.

Being me I ask myself, “Why do I see so clearly through a cluttered mind?”

The cluttered mind pretend to be happy, they swallow the unreal without a thought.

Being me I ask myself, “Why am I not among them? …  For it is very easy to lie in clutter.




Author: mirandavoice

My interest in writing expands to travel, history, social and general topics. My articles are based primarily on my observations and curiosity in life. You will find the links of my articles in my Twitter account: mirandapresence My blog displays my thoughts. My blog (Quick Indian recipes – Easy, healthy,delicious) has recipes of my innovation in Indian cuisine. Journey along with me into the world of curiosity, Thank you. Sylvia Miranda (

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