Marigold, these sun-kissed flowering plants are widely cultivated across India. It’s very common to see statue of God and Goddess being honoured with garlands of marigold flowers and also numerous strings of these flowers synchronized to enhance the beauty of religious places. Most of us are unfamiliar of its antiseptic properties.

Calendula, the golden marigold is also famously called as the English or Pot marigold. According to expert Dennis Leppanen, knowledgeable in nutritional healing and a believer in herbal therapy, “Calendula stimulates the liver and gall, flushes out toxins that often underlie skin problems. The infusion of 1 ounce to a pint of boiling water is given internally as a local application”.

Dennis Leppanen states, “A lay person can prepare herbal remedies using marigold flowers and its leaves, its action is stimulant and diaphoretic. The gypsies used them in ointment form for sprains, wounds, and skin problems.  Bright flowers are plucked and the leaves are gathered in fine weather – in the morning after the sun has dried up the dew. These flowers are loosely spread out on a sheet of paper so that they do not touch each other or there are chances that they become discoloured. In a good current of warm air they are dried up in shade.”

Remedies suggested by the expert are:-

  • For shiny hair: Two ounces marigold, one ounce mullein flowers and two ounces chamomile. Mix together all ingredients. Put a large handful into a bowl and saturate with boiling water. Cover and steep. Strain when cold and add one T. oil of citronella. Brush into hair in the morning and at night to give a healthy shine. It should be made freshly every other day.
  • Poultices or dressings: Bruise the leaf and flower. Pour just enough boiling water over to wet the materials. Apply the botanical to the affected part and cover with a cloth that has been wrung out in hot water. Replace the cloth with another as it gets cold.


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